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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Monitoring system for manufacturing industry


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PROSENS OEE - system calculating and visualising the efficiency of production equipment.

Main focus - to visualise your collected production data in an easy and understandable manner in order to improve efficiency and increase transparency within your production levels.

It is a production monitoring system created based on OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) theory, mathematical theories and algorithms, automatic data collection technologies and our long lasting experience in manufacturing optimisation field.

Know precisely your production progress in real-time!

PROSENS OEE system in a nutshell

production progress

Real-time production progress

Visualisation is the key to understand what is happening at your production shifts right now. Staff is immediately notified about downtime and other events.
system management

Easy & simple system management

Intuitive design, navigation and clear structure for the user.
Based on our experience, your staff can master PROSENS OEE system in only one day.

Extensive & meaningful statistics

Customisable dashboards with real-time data and KPIs.
Particular attention on OEE, spent time, produced quantities and quality, downtime and its reasons.

Your gained value within the company

Increased transparency

Eliminated production delays

Improved decision making at all levels

Teams involved into more efficient operations & increased motivation

Your move toward
Industry 4.0 together with PROSENS OEE:

Automatically collect real-time data from equipment controllers

Respond instantly to changes of your performance effectiveness

Eliminate unplanned downtime

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OEE theory

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What is OEE?

OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) is an indicator based on a well known manufacturing practice theory which determines productivity level achieved in accordance with the production time.

5 main OEE indicator levels established worldwide:

OEE index is equal to 100 %

Company exploits its existing equipment perfectly, produces highest possible amount of products per minimal time and has high quality standards. That means that the equipment, production line or whole factory was working in its highest possible speed without any failures or defects.

OEE index is equal to 85 %

For many factories it is a long-term objective to achieve this percentage.

OEE index is equal to 60 %

This index percentage falls into an average operating company indicators. The company has a lot of processes which can be upgraded to improve efficiency and increase production time.

OEE index is equal to 40 %

Company doesn‘t use its equipment efficiently, has issues with defective production or there are many equipment failures. Typically, this can be improved by simply monitoring equipment breakdown reasons and making necessary decisions to remove them. This could increase OEE indicator approximately from 5 % to 25 %.

OEE index is lower than 40 %

Company uses their equipment very ineffectively and it needs to closely monitor every production process. Drastic decisions need to be made to improve the current situation.

About company

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UAB "Technologiniai valdymo sprendimai" -

an information technology company focused on helping manufacturing industry to monitor and understand machine data. We are developing and implementing production optimisation, planning, data capture, quality control and other expert IT systems.

Our company is currently developing and improving its two core products, PROSENS OEE system calculating and visualising the efficiency of production equipment and HORAS MES system for production planning.

We are agile and success oriented team. Our gathered experience within the manufacturing optimisation field helps us to design easily understandable system which converts data to useful information and facilitates decision making at the right time.

PROSENS OEE already entered the market in 7 European countries and we are striking to strengthen our position further.

With our artificial intelligence and the PROSENS OEE system, you will be able to increase efficiency, and also control production On-line.

- Jan H (PROSENS OEE General Manager) -

Now you have the opportunity to improve your situation! Try our artificial intelligence for free in 2 months.

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